Graduation Party Success: Essential Tips for Planning an Unforgettable Celebration!


Graduations celebrate the closing of one chapter to usher in another. Whether your graduate is off to college, starting a new job or taking time to travel, a party is the perfect way to show how proud you are of their hard work and accomplishments and share your support for their next adventure. Kamu has rounded up some fun and creative ideas to help you plan a meaningful day for your graduate!

The Decorations

Graduation is a reflection on all that they’ve achieved. Decorations can create a festive and celebratory atmosphere. Find photographs of your graduate throughout their life to showcase how far they’ve come. You can either compile a slideshow to play on a television screen or print and hang them as garland. We also love the opportunity for friends and family to share advice for the graduate. House Beautiful rounded up some great ideas like “keys for success” or you could have a guest book available for people to write down college tips or funny anecdotes. If your grad is headed to college, show enthusiasm by decorating with balloons in their school’s colors. 

The Food

Graduates have worked hard and earned some delicious food! When planning the menu, think about your grad's favorite items and also try to incorporate some fun graduation-themed treats.

Pigs in a blanket are an easy appetizer you can grab from the freezer section and they resemble a diploma roll. Similar to balloons, rock school spirit by making chocolate covered pretzels in your grad’s future school colors. Consider a ramen bar, since we know ramen can be a dorm room staple. Cook the noodles in advance and have broth and toppings like sliced veggies, eggs, and sauces available for guests to make their own bowls. This recipe from Pinch of Yum can guide you!

The Drinks

Graduation is also about preparing for the next steps in adulthood. Make things feel more grown up with mocktails! Set up a station with a variety of juices, sodas, and syrups, and let guests mix and match to create their own fun and festive drinks. We love Daysie for syrups that are multi-use, from cocktails to your next morning’s coffee. This is a great way to keep the party fun but with a sophisticated twist. 

The Music

Your grad might have some requests, but to help get the party started, we’ve made an exclusive Kamu playlist available on Spotify. Check it out here!

Graduation is an amazing accomplishment and we hope these tips inspire you to celebrate your grad’s next steps with personal touches and lots of joy! Need a gift for your grad? Check out our stationery for all the thank notes they'll be writing! Shop here

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