Father's Day: The Classic BBQ


Honestly, in comparison to Mother’s Day, dads are EASY. All they really “want” for Father’s Day is to get in some good ole quality time with their kids. So, depending on where you are in the world, we put together some ideas on how to make the best man in your life feel extra special on this day. Here, we bring you a classic - the barbecue. 


Use a fold up table or any outdoor table you already have and throw a classic checkered tablecloth on top like this, this or this one. 

Use your food! 

Grilling burgers? Get creative with your favorite condiments and display them in little bowls and jars on the table. You could even buy dispenser bottles like this for even better display.



The menu 

  • Burgers: This is the perfect time for some burgers on the grill. Make the patties a day or two before and they’re so easy to throw on the grill when the time is right. Also - people will RAVE over this specific recipe I promise you.
  • Corn: Grilled. Corn. With. Butter. (and some salt) - no more, no less. Here’s a good recipe and they basically no prep.
  • Salad: The key to any good gathering is to have at least one thing that you don't have to actually cook. Plus, this salad uses kale which means dressing it ahead of time is actually preferred for most! For me, I find it hard to eat kale straight away and making this salad (dressing included) the day before is perfect. 
  • Cobbler: This is something that is really easy to throw together, plus it can be made in the morning and then put in the oven to reheat for 20 min. MUST serve with ice cream or it can’t be eaten. This one is closest to my grandmothers that I could find on the world wide web. Plus, you can really use any fruit here - my favorite's blueberry but peach is in season in the summer and would be great here too!
  • BONUS: We mentioned how it would be fun to get creative with your condiments above. Here's a recipe for something we love to make on burger nights with friends. It's one of those "special sauce" recipes that pop up at a lot of restaurants!



Lawn games are your friends here! Plus, these games can always double as gifts if you need for Father’s Day.

  • Cornhole is a fun family activity to play, especially for families of four! 
  • A bit newer (which your dad might find exciting) is a game called Ladder Toss, another good one for two or four people.
  • Get moving after that cobbler with some badminton. It’s easy enough to where you won’t cramp but at least makes you take a few steps (if you want something to make you move even more, you can do spikeball as well).

Conversation Topics

  • Have everyone in your family tell about one of their favorite memories with their father. 
  • Create your own “menu” based on the burgers you have each created. What would each of your burgers be named on a menu at a restaurant?!
  • Have a competition of the best “dad jokes” (bonus if you let your dad win). 

The Music

A good gathering ALWAYS has some tunes playing in the background. Here's a dad-themed playlist we made to keep it easy for ya - click here!

Bonus: Gifts!

Use the lawn games as gifts here to play into the theme! For example, check out cornhole sets that are decorated with your dad's favorite team like the ones here


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